Three Simple Tips For Caring For Your Favorite Excercise Shorts

Being physically active and engaging in regular exercise are essential steps for protecting your overall health and appearance. To be comfortable while you exercise, you will need the appropriate attire. More specifically, you will want a pair of comfortable shorts. If you have a favorite pair of exercise shorts, you will want to keep them in good condition for as long as possible, but this will require you to be aware of a few pieces of advice that can help you.

Avoid Letting Your Shorts Stay Dirty Overnight

After using your exercise shorts, you should wash them as soon as it is possible. If you allow the shorts to stay dirty overnight, the sweat on them can cause a foul odor that may be very difficult to remove. Also, you may find that salt crystals will form on the fabric, and these crystals can gradually wear down the fabric through friction. If you are not confident in your ability to wash these pants immediately after exercising, you may want to consider seeing if your gym has a laundry service for members.

Turn The Shorts Inside Out When Washing Them

When washing your exercise shorts, you will want to turn them inside out. This may seem a little odd, but the majority of your sweat and body oils will be on the interior of the shorts. Turning them inside out will make it much easier to thoroughly remove these substances. If your pants have pockets in them, this will also give you a chance to check them for any signs of holes forming in them. For instance, there are now more and more mens gym shorts with smartphone pocket, so being aware of these developing or existing holes can help you avoid accidentally having items fall out of your pockets.

Invest In A Sewing Repair Kit

Investing in a sewing repair kit can be an excellent way of extending the life of your exercise shorts. This can particularly true for those that have shorts with pockets in them. It can be easy for holes to start forming in the pockets as any items that are in your pocket will rub against the fabric, and this can lead to holes forming. Luckily, repairing holes in short pockets is relatively simple, and you may not even need to worry about matching the thread as it will not be visible. Ideally, you should patch these issues as soon as you notice the fabric starting to fray as it can be difficult to adequately repair a large hole in a piece of fabric.