How To Obtain Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is known by many names, including the name cannabis. Although marijuana refers to the entire plant, only the buds of the marijuana plant are used for their medicinal benefits. Marijuana buds contain THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids that enter the human body when the buds are smoked, vaporized, or eaten. Medical marijuana can help people who suffer from cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, and other serious diseases. It can offer pain relief, reduce swelling, and soothe an agitated mind.

3 Ingredients You Will Not Find in Organic Lotion

As you shop for lotions, you will find standard lotions and organically made lotions. Besides the label of organic, you should learn what differentiates the two and what you are rubbing into your skin if you use lotion on a daily basis. By knowing the ingredients found in many standard lotions, you will learn what makes organic lotion stand out. Learn about some common ingredients, what they actually mean, and why you should stick with with unscented organic lotion options.