Four Tips To Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

Buying used restaurant equipment is a great way to save when outfitting your kitchen, but only if the equipment you buy actually works well! There are plenty of reputable used kitchen equipment sales companies out there, but there are also some less-scrupulous individuals--just like in any industry. So, how do you avoid getting ripped off when buying used kitchen equipment? Start by following these tips.

1. Buy from a company with online representation. 

Start your search with authentic used kitchen equipment companies online, where you can easily learn about a company with just a few clicks. Read reviews of these companies to see what other customers think. If a company has been in business for a few years, you can be pretty well assured that they're operating fairly. If you cannot find any used kitchen equipment companies in your area, visit a few restaurants and ask the owners for recommendations. Someone is sure to point you in the right direction!

2. Choose good brands.

Lesser-known brands can be had for a bargain, but if they break, you will have a harder time finding parts. You're better off buying a well-known brand of equipment. You can usually get away with buying equipment that's a few years older when you buy a higher-end brand, too, since better brands are made to last longer. This especially applies to commercial ovens and prep coolers.

3. Watch it operate.

If the item you are buying is an electric appliance, like an oven or cooler, ask the retailer to plug it in so you can verify that it works before you buy it. Sometimes equipment may have worked a few months ago when it was brought in for sale, but has since deteriorated and become non-functional. You don't want to take an item back to your restaurant and find that it doesn't even turn on!

4. Ask for a warranty.

Most bigger used restaurant equipment companies will offer a short-term warranty for up to three months, just to protect you from any major defects that went unnoticed. If you buy from a private seller, see if they are willing to arrange a similar warranty agreement with you. This way, if the equipment fails too soon, you will at least be reimbursed so you can buy a replacement.

With the tips above, you will have an easier time finding commercial restaurant equipment that is in good shape, does its job, and continues to serve your restaurant for years to come. Contact a company like YOUR EQUIPMENT GUYS to find the restaurant equipment you need.