Spouse Filed For Divorce? 3 Benefits Of Hiring A PI

If your spouse has filed for divorce, part of you may want to just sign the paperwork and move on. However, you are better off hiring your own lawyer, and also a private investigator, before you agree to any terms. Here are a few reasons why hiring a PI to follow your spouse is a smart decision.

1. You'll gain more insight into their financial situation.

It is not unusual for the spouse who first asks for the divorce to go to great lengths to camouflage their money and finances before doing so. They might open an account in their own name and slowly transfer money into it from your joint account. Or, they may sell shared assets, like your car or a rental property, and hide the money in an account with only their name on it.

If this money is not discovered before the divorce, you could end up leaving the relationship with less money than you deserve. A private investigator will look into your spouse's financial interests so these things don't remain a secret.

2. You'll find out what your partner is buying.

A person's purchases can tell you a lot about them and what they are doing. Your private investigator can follow your spouse when they go shopping and let you know what they buy.

Are they buying jewelry? This could indicate they have a new girlfriend or boyfriend. Are they buying expensive clothing? They could be trying to burn through a bunch or money before the divorce so there's none left for you. 

3. You'll find out if there is another partner. 

Maybe your spouse told you there was nobody else they're interested in and that's not the reason for the divorce. But, how do you know if this is the truth?

The PI will follow them and see if they spend time with another person in a date-like manner. If they spend the night or evening in someone else's home or are seen out at a fancy restaurant with someone of their preferred dating gender, this could indicate cheating. Divorces are handled differently in court when one spouse cheats, so this is definitely something you need to find out about.

In most situations, you should not sign those divorce papers until you hire a PI and find out a bit more about what your spouse has actually been up to. In most situations, there is at least one thing they've been hiding. For more information, contact a business such as spyshops.com.