Reasons To Choose A Nylon Holster Over A Leather One

Before you buy a holster that will allow you to effectively conceal a firearm that you're lawfully carrying, you need to decide where you want to carry the gun. With that location in mind, you can begin to shop for a suitable concealed carry holster. One thing that you'll need to choose is the material from which the holster is made. Leather holsters are common, as are those that are made of nylon. Nylon holsters are often a little less pricey, but price alone isn't the only factor that may make this style of holster favorable to you. Here are some additional reasons that a nylon holster can be appealing.

It's Lighter

If you were to find a nylon holster and a leather holster that are similar in size, shape, and function, and compare the weight of each, you'd almost certainly find that the nylon product is significantly lighter than its leather counterpart. When you're carrying around a firearm all day, you want to minimize the amount of weight that you're adding to your body. While a leather holster isn't heavy enough to be cumbersome, it does add weight to your body to some degree. A nylon holster, meanwhile, can feel as though it's barely there.

It's Less Likely To Cause Sweating

If you're choosing a holster is will be pressed against your body, you need to consider how comfortable this device will be. Heavy leather against your body can often make you sweat, which may be particularly unappealing for people who carry concealed firearms in hot climates or those who tend to sweat easily. You may find that a nylon holster won't make you sweat as much, but even if it does, the sweat can evaporate quickly because of the flow of air through the nylon.

It's Thinner

Nylon holsters tend to be thinner than their leather counterparts, which is advantageous for a couple of reasons. For starters, the thin design of this style of holster means that it will be less bulky on your body — something that is ideal when you're trying to effectively conceal the fact that you're carrying a firearm. Additionally, if you're carrying the holster in a backpack or a suitcase when you're traveling, it will take up less space than a leather holster. This can be appealing for someone who only has a minimal amount of storage space and doesn't want to devote a lot of it to the holster.