4 Factors To Help You Choose The Right Rug Shape

When it comes to area rugs, the shape is just as important as size. The wrong shape will take away from the overall effect you want while the right shape could be the crowning glory of its room. So, how can you decide on the right shape? Here are a few things to think about before buying. 

1. Room Shape

First, consider the shape and layout of the room itself. A square room often looks good with a complementary square rug. Similarly, a rectangular or even oval rug works with similar room structures.

However, you can also create an interesting contrast by pairing a round rug with a square room, for instance. It often depends on how much of the same shape is already in the room and what may need offset for visual interest. 

2. Furniture Arrangement

How do the furniture and decorative accessories sit in the space? A large sectional sofa with a square or rectangular shape generally pairs best with a similarly shaped area rug. And a long dining table matches a long rug that encompasses the entire table setup. On the other hand, a round rug underneath a square-backed and rigid sofa may not appear cohesive. 

3. The Feel You Want

Area rug shape can affect the mood or vibe of a space. This simple detail can either work with your chosen style of furniture and décor, or it can work against it. 

As a general rule of thumb, squares and rectangles tend to be more formal while circles and ovals are warmer and homier. Unusual shapes, such as a flower or octagon, give an eclectic and unique feeling to a room. They may help you design a modern aesthetic or a fun vibe perfect for a master suite or even a kid's room. 

4. The Rug's Purpose

Sometimes, a rug has a practical purpose more than just a decorative one. A runner is a perfect example, as it usually needs to run a significant length of a hallway in order to create a unified look or provide protection from dirty shoes. And a square or circular rug in an open, loft-style floor plan separates areas into 'zones' with different functions. If the rug needs to serve a particular purpose, this should be your primary driver.

As you consider these four factors of rug choice, the right shape will start to reveal itself. Learn more about rug options by visiting a furniture gallery near you today.