3 Ingredients You Will Not Find in Organic Lotion

As you shop for lotions, you will find standard lotions and organically made lotions. Besides the label of organic, you should learn what differentiates the two and what you are rubbing into your skin if you use lotion on a daily basis. By knowing the ingredients found in many standard lotions, you will learn what makes organic lotion stand out.

Learn about some common ingredients, what they actually mean, and why you should stick with with unscented organic lotion options.

1. Animal By-Products

On the ingredient list for many lotions, you may see the term "animal by-products". The term basically a general way of saying animal fat. The fat from animals like cows or sheep are used to make lotions thicker. They do not help the lotions rub into your skin or provide any benefits for the skin.

Along with animal by-products, the ingredient may be listed as Stearic acid. Organic lotion may rely on ingredients like organic shea butter to replace the animal by-products and still give a lotion the same thick feeling as you rub it onto your skin.

2. Dyes

To make lotions seem more appealing, many non-organic products rely on dyes. Dyes are used to enhance the color of a lotion. Even in non-colored lotions, dyes may be used. For example, some lotions may include blue dye to help brighten up white colors.

Dyes provide no benefits when used in lotions and could even pose health risks. Your skin may have an allergic reaction to dye and some dyes have been linked to cancer growth through animal research. Organic lotion is presented in the color as is, not made to look more appealing through the use of dyes.

Along with listings like "Blue 1" or "Red 40", you may spot the addition of dyes in products with ingredient labels like "colors added" or "artificial coloring".

3. Parabens

To ensure lotion has a long shelf life, many companies who product non-organic lotions will include parabens. The chemical-based ingredient prevents the lotion from breaking down and decomposing. Unfortunately, parabens have had a negative impact on the skin as well.

Studies have shown that parabens can cause skin irritation and have been linked to fertility issues as well. Even when placed on the skin, the parabens can get into the human body and present dangers with long-term use. Organic lotions do not include parabens and you can feel confident knowing you do not have the chemicals in your body.

When you stick with organic products you do not have to worry about some of the more questionable ingredients. Visit a shop like Nourish Skincare Products to find a variety of organic body care products.