4 Types of Promotional Branded Products for Customers

Advertising allows businesses to extend their reach, gain new customers, and retain their existing customers. Smart businesses take advantage of every avenue of advertising available to them. One innovative way that you can advertise is through the use of promotional branded products. These products are items that customers already use, emblazoned with your company's name and logo. Here are four types of promotional branded products that you can use to keep your brand fresh in customers' minds:

1. Pens and Pencils

Although computers have become the preferred way to draft documents and communicate with others, everyone needs a pen or pencil at some point. Whether to jot down a quick note or to sign an important document, it's good to have pens and pencils on hand. You can fill a need in your customers' lives by offering promotional branded pens and pencils. These items are small, inexpensive, and easy to produce in bulk. You can keep a store of branded pens and pencils on hand and give them to customers as complimentary gifts.

2. Hats and Visors

Hats and visors allow people to keep the sun off their faces on bright, sunny days. This type of branded promotional product can suit people of all genders and sizes since one size fits all. You can have your company logo screen printed onto your hats and visors. Embroidery is another option for branding. Many customers will enjoy receiving a free wearable product that serves a practical use.

3. Tote Bags

Many people strive to live environmentally conscious lives, which extends to their shopping habits. Some cities have furthered this goal by banning single-use shopping bags. Reusable tote bags are an excellent alternative to plastic shopping bags in areas that have enacted plastic bag bans. Tote bags can also be used to hold school books, miscellaneous items, and work equipment. You can give your customers a valuable product by offering them branded tote bags. Whenever your customers take your branded tote bags in public, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of free advertising.

4. Water Bottles

Everyone needs to stay hydrated for good health. Many people aim to meet their daily hydration needs by carrying a water bottle on their daily commute. You can assist in this endeavor by offering branded water bottles. Branded water bottles can be made from plastic or metal. These attractive, reusable water bottles can save customers money on bottled water while also spreading the word about your business.