Steps To Avoid Degrading Your Coin Collection

A coin collection can be an extremely valuable asset. However, individuals that are new to coin collecting can often make a series of mistakes that could severely decrease the value of the collection when it comes time to have it appraised to be sold. Avoiding the more common mistakes can go a long way in helping your coin collection retain its value.

Improperly Storing The Coins In The Collection

The storage practices that you use for your coin collection are an important factor in preserving its value. Ideally, the coins should be stored in suitable containers that are designed to shield the coins from excess moisture and other potential sources of damage to the coins. Luckily, these containers are relatively inexpensive, and most coin retailers will sell them. When buying these containers, you may want to buy them in a range of sizes as coins can vary in size.

Handling The Coins Directly When Your Bare Hands

Handling the coins directly with your bare hands can be a surprisingly damaging mistake to make with them. Your hands will have a sizable amount of dust, dirt, oil, and moisture on them. These substances can be easily transferred to the coins, which can cause them to deteriorate fairly rapidly. Ideally, you should strive to minimize the amount that you handle the coins with your bare hands. When you must touch the coins, it can be useful to use collector's gloves. These gloves will act as a barrier between the oil and dirt on your hands and the coins. Additionally, these gloves are designed to be as soft as possible so that they will be less likely to leave scuff marks on the coins.

Attempting To Clean And Restore The Coins On Your Own

Old coins can become extremely dirty. In an effort to clean and restore these coins, individuals may try to clean them on their own. Unfortunately, incorrectly cleaning these coins can cause them to experience substantial wear that may drastically reduce their value. Whenever you are wanting to have coins in your collection cleaned and restored, they should be taken to a professional service. These technicians will have the cleaning solutions and tools that are needed to be thoroughly cleaned without causing unnecessary damage to the coins. The time that will be needed to restore these coins can vary depending on their overall condition, but the coin restoration service will be able to give you a quote for both the costs and the time required to complete this work. 

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