Prepare Your Vintage Costume Jewelry Shopping Plans

Art Deco styles, plated rhinestones, and faux diamonds comprise many vintage costume jewelry pieces that are highly sought by individuals and collectors. If you are going to be buying some pieces that will be added to your personal jewelry collection, use an online pricing guide and your personal preferences to help you choose pieces for yourself. 

A Pricing Guide

Vintage jewelry is representative of many decades that have passed. Some styles may have been more prevalent during a specific timeframe and could be what has inspired you to shop for vintage costume pieces and sets that can be added to your collection. Fads come and go and can have a bearing on the overall value of a piece.

One reason that people tend to gravitate toward purchasing vintage costume jewelry is due to the lowered cost that pieces can be acquired for, in comparison to purchasing vintage pieces that contain authentic stones and precious metals. A pricing guide may indicate how much some pieces have sold for on some e-commerce sites. Public auction details may also be listed through a pricing guide.

A comprehensive guide that showcases photos of a particular piece and provides a detailed description and recent selling price, can help you pick out some jewelry styles that you can purchase. When reviewing a guide, you will learn about some vintage artists who sold pieces that were popular. You can use the guide to help you formulate a shopping budget and strategy.

A Shopping Experience

Your first shopping experience that involves picking out vintage costume pieces should involve assigning a monetary cap. This cap should be the limit as to how much you will spend during the shopping session. You may also want to contemplate how a new vintage piece will be worn. You may have a classy outfit that you would like to enhance, or maybe you are interested in investing in costume pieces that you can simply preserve with the other collectibles that you already own.

When browsing products, look for defects and review details about the craftsmanship of a particular piece. The weight and size of an item will be outlined through the vendor that has advertised the jewelry. You will also be furnished with shipping details. If you are going to have items shipped from a distance that is far from you, make sure that the shipping costs do not exceed what you have budgeted.

Contact a local vintage costume jewelry buyer to learn more.