How To Display Your Favorite Belt Buckles

The intricate designs of some belt buckles make them more than an accessory. The items often become works of art and desirable collectibles. Whether it is a family heirloom, a handcrafted trophy belt buckle, or a favorite commercial design, you deserve to have your beloved belt buckle seen and appreciated. Consider one of these ideas for proudly displaying your favorites.

Wear with Pride  

The most obvious way to display a buckle is on a belt. A decorative buckle becomes a conversation piece, especially when it is a trophy piece. Purchase a belt of the appropriate width to ensure the proper fit. You can buy commercially made cloth or leather belts that allow for buckle changes, or you can contact a leathersmith to have one custom designed for the buckle.

Wearing a large belt buckle may not appeal to everyone, but there are reasons to consider attempting this fashion choice. Large buckles look attractive with denim but are also appealing when paired with other materials. Many dresses also look more attractive with the right belt and buckle combination. Anyone concerned about looking out of fashion should know that large belt buckles have become a popular trend again.

Use a Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are enclosed displays for treasured items. The cases make it possible to include multiple related items in one area and to protect them from dust and curious hands. Choosing the correct backing materials and case materials for archival purposes can help prevent metal from tarnishing or other possible damage.

Display cases designed for buckles also exist. These cases can highlight one belt buckle or a set and often make it possible to include photos and other related keepsakes. Many of the displays have specific design themes to coordinate with trophy belt buckles. 

Buy a Stand

Stands are open displays that work well for people who prefer to highlight their buckle without including other memorabilia. Shoppers can choose stands that hold one belt buckle or multiple buckles. The handy products come in acrylic, metal, and wood to work with any décor. Place the display on a shelf or stand or include it in a table centerpiece.

Make It Into Jewelry

People who want to wear their buckles but rarely wear belts can have the item remade into jewelry. Large decorative belt buckles make unique pendants for necklaces or transform beautifully into personalized brooches or scarf pins. Independent jewelry artists can help create an appealing design. If an artist is unavailable locally, look for a reputable designer online.

Avoid hiding stylish belt buckles, especially custom trophy buckles, in jewelry boxes or dresser drawers. These attractive and stylish pieces deserve attention. Personalized or hand-designed accessories can improve any outfit or help brighten a home. An endless array of display options exists so that everyone can find their favorite.

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